Tipper GINAF HD 5380 T

Brand: DAF
Reference number: 46
Year of manufacture: 2015
VIN: differents
Condition: new


PRICE: 125 000 €


power output: 452 hp (337 KW)
engine: DAF MX340
transmission: ZF 16AS2630TO, 16 gears

number of axles: 5-axle

46 pcs brand new UNITS EX STOCK! LOWER price > NEW, LOWER PRICE SINCE 09/2022! In stock. NOTE; TRUCK HAS CE CERTIFICATE. Manufactured in NETHERLAND! OVERALL DATA Cargo body dimension(L×W×H mm) 7400x2450x1700 Drive Type 10×6 Cab DAF CF85 Single row Max G.V.W(kg) 80000 Rated load(kg) 60000 Wheel base (mm) 1950+1950+1800+1450 Chassis & Power train Engine MX340 (460hp) Gearbox ZF16AS2630TO HPVS with Rear Suspension Hydraulic suspension; double cylinder Front Tire 14.00R20 Rear Tire 12.00R24 First&second Front Axle 13T*2 Third Axle 14T Fourth&Fifth Axle 20.5T*2 Interior and Equipment Seat Air spring shock absorbing seat Air conditioner with WE’VE SEVERALS FACTORY NEW MODELS! Don’t hesitate to ask more! The GINAF equipped with ZF16AS2630TO gearbox, it is automatic gearbox. Transmission parameters Gearbox model: ZF16AS2630TO Gearbox brand: ZF Gearbox series: ZF 16AS series Number of gears: 16 gears Matching range: Automatic transmission for commercial vehicles. Forward gear: 16 gears Number of reverse gears: 2 pcs Shift mode: Hand-in-one Maximum input torque: 2600N.m Head gear ratio: 14.12 2 gear transmission ratio: 11.68 3 gear transmission ratio: 9.54 4th gear transmission ratio: 7.89 5th gear transmission ratio: 6.52 6-speed transmission ratio: 5.39 7-speed transmission ratio: 4.57 8-speed transmission ratio: 3.78 9-speed transmission ratio: 3.09 10 gear transmission ratio: 2.56 11-speed transmission ratio: 2.09 12-speed transmission ratio: 1.73 13 gear transmission ratio: 1.43 14-speed transmission ratio: 1.18 15-speed transmission ratio: 1 16-speed transmission ratio: 0.83 Reverse gear 1 transmission ratio: 13.07 Reverse gear 2 transmission ratio: 10.81 Gearbox weight: 252kg